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Current status of the Industry

The ceramic tiles industry in India has followed similar trends internationally which have been characterized by excess capacities and falling margins. Countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are setting up their own plants. China has emerged as a major competitor. Producers from Spain and Italy have the advantage of lower transportation costs while exporting to USA and Germany. In India, the per capita consumption is as low as 0.30 square meters per person compared to China (2 square meters per person), Europe (5 to 6 square meters per person) or Brazil (2.5 square meters per person). Rising disposable incomes of the growing middle class and 40 million units of housing shortage hold out a great potential.

A major change that took over the ceramic tiles industry, was the introduction of vitrified and porcelain tiles. These new entrant product types are said to be the tiles of the future. Internationally these tiles are already the major sellers. These category of products account for 13% of all organized sales in this industry.

These new products and the conventional wall & floor tiles have together made the organized industry grow to a formidable Rs. 3000 crores industry. This coupled with a spate of expansions by many players make the industry look very promising in the future.

The Indian Industry has developed an export market although at the lower end. In volume it constitutes less than half a percent of the global market. (Presently India does not figure in the list of major exporting countries). But this reality could change as Indian exports are rising at the rate of 15% per annum. The top-end of the global export market is presently dominated by Italy (40.8%) and Spain (26.4%). (Source: Compiled using information from Corporate Catalyst India, ASCER and other associations.)


1. World production: 6900 Million
2. India's Share: 340 Million
3. World ranking (in production): 5
4. Per capita consumption: 0.30
5. Global Industry Growth Rate: 6%
6. Growth Rate (India Domestic Market): 15%
7. Organized industry turnover (India): Rs 3000 crores Glazed Wall Tile share: 40% Glazed Floor Tile share: 46% Unglazed Vitrified Tile share: 8% Glazed Porcelain Tile Share: 6% Unorganised Industry Turnover Rs 3500 crores Glazed Wall Tile share: 57% Glazed Floor Tile share: 35% Unglazed Vitrified Tile share: 6% Glazed Porcelain Tile Share: 2%
8. Investments in last 5 years: Rs 2000 crores
9. Organized sector: Share of Production: 56% No. of units: 16 Revenue (excise duty): Rs 300 crores
10. Unorganized sector: Share of Production: 44% No. of units: 200 (approx..) (70% based in Gujarat region) Revenue (excise duty): Rs 350 crores per annum or less
11. Job Potential: 50,000 direct 500,000 indirect